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About us

Volatility is increasingly being recognised as an asset class of its own, albeit one that is often ignored or misunderstood. Since 2012, Volatility Investing events across locations in Europe, the UK and more recently Australia have provided an opportunity to hear from world experts in the field and contribute to the growing dialogue in this space. With growing uncertainty amidst an almost-unrecognisable financial environment, it is becoming clear that volatility is an ever permanent feature of the new financial markets.

Our events range from breakfast or afternoon seminars to full-day conferences with managers, consultants, investors and academics participating in panel discussions, individual presentations and Q&A sessions. The quality of these events consistently attracts some of the most sophisticated investors across Europe. The full day London Volatility and Tail Risk Investing Educational event is attended by over 200 investment professionals, and always receives overwhelmingly positive feedback.

We aim to cover issues that both educate and allow investors to ask industry professionals their burning questions. Past agendas have covered a wide range of timely and relevant topics, including the economic outlook in a volatility context, harvesting volatility risk premia and enhancing returns using tail hedging. Please check out our ‘Past events’ section to see presentations and videos from previous conferences.

These events are strictly educational, with an emphasis on providing a wide range of viewpoints and ideas.