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About us

Volatility Investing Events were created to shine a light on volatility investing and bring together various participants for discussion and debate.

Participating managers include 36 South, Axonic, Capstone, Capula, Convex Strategies, Dominicé, Gladius, Ionic, One River Asset Management, Parallax, Quadrant Dynamic Risk Allocation, Saba Capital and True Partner. No two managers in this space are the same: strategies include tail risk, long volatility, relative value and dispersion, managers may specialise in different instruments, asset classes, geographies, duration and trading styles. The volatility universe is diverse and interesting and increasingly volatility strategies are recognised as an important source of portfolio protection and diversification.

These events are an opportunity for the volatility community, including managers, institutional allocators, consultants and academics to share ideas and experiences on panels or through presentations. They are strictly educational, with an emphasis on providing a wide range of viewpoints and ideas.

Something very special about these events is that they raise money for charity, over £600,000 has been raised since 2012 and we look forward to increasing this amount each year.