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Aaron Sweeney

Chief Strategist

Analytical Research

Mr. Aaron Sweeney joined AR in 2009.  As Chief Strategist he oversees research and client activity.  Previously at AR he was Head of Research and was responsible for the oversight and coordination of new hedge fund manager sourcing and existing hedge fund manager monitoring.  Prior to joining AR, Mr. Sweeney spent two years as an equity sales/trader covering hedge funds and other institutional accounts at Hapoalim Securities.  Before Hapoalim, he was a proprietary equity trader at Investec, a South African investment bank, making markets in US-listed Israeli stocks and co-managing a dual-listed international equity arbitrage program. Mr. Sweeney started his career as a Hedge Fund Due Diligence Analyst at Zurich Capital Markets (ZCM) and later at BNP Paribas's Equity Derivatives division, when BNP purchased ZCM's hedge fund structured product assets.  He worked within a hedge fund due diligence group responsible for ZCM and later BNP's $20 billion of hedge fund structured products exposure.  While at ZCM, Mr. Sweeney’s group oversaw hedge fund due diligence on the firm's $5 billion hedge fund of funds products.  Mr. Sweeney holds a B.S. from Cornell University.