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Moritz Seibert


Munich Re Investment Partners GmbH

Moritz Seibert is the CEO/CIO of Munich Re Investment Partners GmbH ("MRIP"). MRIP is scheduled to launch a boutique asset management business in 2020, focusing on derivatives and quantitative trading strategies. Mr. Seibert joined Munich Re in 2017 to focus on the development and implementation of quantitative investment strategies globally. Prior to Munich Re, Mr. Seibert managed a quant fund for a large German asset manager and was active in the managed futures industry, both as a portfolio manager and as co-founder of Aquantum, a specialist commodities CTA. In previous roles Mr. Seibert worked for as a derivatives trader and structurer for investment banks in the UK and the USA, his latest role being the US Head of Equity Structuring for RBS. In addition, since 2018, he's hosting "The Systematic Investor" podcast together with Niels Kaastrup-Larsen and Jerry Parker.